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Overall, the DVP-CXV gets the job done well, but you'll have to put up with a couple of frustrating operational quirks along the way.

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Make sure to leave an inch or two of space for the protruding power supply in the back. Still, we can't complain too much about Philips DVD 995 size; discs take up a lot of volume, no matter how you organize them.

The front of the unit features a large dial that selects discs as Philips DVD 995 as rewinds and fast-forwards them. In case the remote goes missing, you can access many functions via buttons on the front panel--there's even a convenient joystick for navigating the menus.


In the center of the front panel, you'll find the powered door, which Philips DVD 995 access to the carousel. When you hit Eject, the door opens, and the changer slightly elevates the selected disc for easier removal.


Philips DVD 995 can lock the door to prevent young children from opening it. The included remote tries to cram in a lot of functions, so it can get a little confusing. A slider selects the active mode: We found the DVD functions easy enough to use, but we would have liked separate buttons for Disc Explorer functions.

For example, to access the main Disc Philips DVD 995 menu, you have to press Folder, which isn't easy to figure out unless you've read the manual. Also, because the slider button segregates the functions, you can't use Disc Explorer buttons when in DVD mode.

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One of the major benefits of a megachanger Philips DVD 995 the ability to browse through your disc collection via an onscreen display, which in this case Sony calls Disc Explorer. While it worked pretty well once we set it up, we had to enter a lot of disc information such as title and genre manually, since most DVDs don't upload this info to the changer automatically.

We have heard reports Philips DVD 995 hacking some players using the units own remote control incurs a 25 change limit after which it will lock the machine in the last set region We have heard other reports that hacking some players such as the DVDR using the units own remote control can result in an inoperable unit, we recommend you use the OneForAll remote only and consult our Region Hacks forum for more information Press the Play button on the player NB: You may need to press this button on the remote control instead Press the 1 button on the remote control Press the 5 button on the remote control Press the 9 button on the remote control Although the above may appear to work on many units, showing the correct display as indicated in Step Philips DVD 995, the hack may still not work. Configure your remote using the setup code 0 5 3 9 Press the Magic button Enter the code 0 8 5, or if your unit requires a five digit code, enter 0 0 0 8 5 If you own a Palm Pilot, you may also use Pacific Neo-Tek's OmniRemote software to generate the RC6 code using a downloadable.

Please consult your player documentation to find out how to do this. The onscreen display should show 11 spaces like this: The actual display may differ slightly depending on the model of your player, may be shown on the unit itself, or may even not be visible on some models at all. Philips DVD 995

Product Information. The Philips DVDR is a combination DVD player and recorder, allowing you to watch or record your favorite movies or TV shows.


Your dream player with flawless, true-to-life picture quality and the ability to play virtually any disc! The Philips DVD player delivers your movies and music.

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