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Restart Windows. When your desktop appears, double-click on the RapidComm Voice icon. After you read this screen, click on the Next button.


When you see this screen, you should only have to verify that the information shown is correct and then fill in the Data box if you have a third phone number for your modem and the Local Area Code box. After 3Com SPortster 2400 V.42bis verify the information on this screen, click on the Next button. When you see this screen… Check the COM port your modem is connected to. Then go to step You'll see a screen like this.

NOVELL: Certified Modem Scripts

Go to the "Troubleshooting and Online Help Resources" section. When you see the following screen, select single or multiple mailboxes for your personal voice mail system. Then click on 3Com SPortster 2400 V.42bis. Then click on the Finish button. After a moment, you will see this screen.

This is the main RapidComm Voice screen. For sending your first fax, keep this screen open.

Vintage U.S. Robotics Sportster 2400/PC 8-bit ISA internal modem, New in box

After this initial run, RapidComm Voice will not need to be running in order to send a fax. This chapter will walk you through sending your first fax. Create a document containing only a sentence or 3Com SPortster 2400 V.42bis. Name the document "tester". Keep the document open. Using RapidComm Voice, you can send and receive faxes directly from your computer and eliminate the need for an expensive fax machine.


Once you learn the basics of sending faxes, you can learn more involved fax functions such as sending documents to groups of numbers at assigned times and how to transfer data files. X indicate you're ready to print in the Print dialog box.

From the File menu, select Print. If it's not already selected as the printer driver, select RapidComm Voice as the printer.

USRobotics Internal Modem Card for sale eBay

This can be changed in the Control Panel or in the print dialog box of most Windows applications. Click on the OK button or the Print button the button you click in that application to 38 When you see this screen, fill in the information shown in the 3Com SPortster 2400 V.42bis boxes in the following screen. The U.

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Robotics fax number is This will send your "tester" document to a U. Robotics fax machine. If you have to dial a special prefix such as 9 to connect to a telephone number outside of your building, make sure you type that prefix in before the telephone number.

When you've finished, click on the Send Fax button. You will see a series of screens as the fax is being transmitted. When the fax has been successfully transmitted, you will see a screen that looks like this. C Congratulations —you are ready to start using your Sportster!

Modem. External

Robotics using your Sportster. You can also go to the electronic RapidComm Voice manual 3Com SPortster 2400 V.42bis your Connections CD for more detailed instructions on sending faxes and other things you can do with your Sportster and RapidComm Voice. The operating system does all the work of recognizing the modem for you. Touch an unpainted metal part of your computer the back is usually unpainted to discharge static electricity.

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They should be in roughly the area indicated in the illustration at the right. Remove them, and then replace them so each is sitting on one jumper pin as shown in the illustration on the next page.

Once you have placed all the shunts on single jumper pins, you should be ready to insert the modem into your computer. Before 3Com SPortster 2400 V.42bis your TIP: Grasp the shunts with a tweezers or a needle-nosed pliers. If a shunt seems stuck, try gently rocking it back and forth as you lift. If you ever need to call our technical support department, the technical support representative will ask you for the serial number. Before you unplug anything, 3. Holding the modem at each corner, with the gold edge facing the slot, 3Com SPortster 2400 V.42bis the modem down as gently as possible until it snaps into an expansion slot. The drawing shows horizontally aligned expansion slots. 1 Drivers for 3Com SPortster Vbis PC Fax & Modem & ISDN.


Here's where you can downloads Free! the newest software for your SPortster Download 3Com Sportster Vbis PC driver for Modems, different software versions available here.

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