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RAID technology coordinates between the two solid state Sony Vaio VPCZ22AGXB to keep them operating simultaneously at optimal speed. The result is quicker boot-ups, faster application launches and overall enhanced performance. And of course, since SSD technology includes no moving parts, you get a more durable storage solution less prone to physical damage.

Charger / Adapter for Sony Vaio Vpcz22agx/b Vpcz22shx Laptop

Designed for ease of use, the Z Series laptop features precisely engineered keys to create a comfortable and intuitive typing experience. And to make it even easier to find the right keys — whether typing day or night, in the dark or light — an LED backlight creates a pleasant glow, framing the individual keys Sony Vaio VPCZ22AGXB illuminating the lettering.

Sit back and experience your favorite online TV shows and movies from the comfort of Sony Vaio VPCZ22AGXB couch. Access personal video, music and photos from your hard drive or home network and immediately send it wirelessly to the biggest display in up to full p HD and 5. Enhance your image A built-in HD web camera offers superb video conferencing quality.


GHz denotes maximum microprocessor internal clock speed and may vary based on application. Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2. Performance varies depending on hardware, software and system configuration.


Actual formatted capacity will be less. Allocation of system memory to graphics varies depending on operating condition, Sony Vaio VPCZ22AGXB of device driver and total system memory size.

Sony VAIO VPCZ22AGX/B laptops specifications

For some third party software, Sony provides initial support. Additional support may be available from the applicable vendor. Availability may vary by vendor.

Requires TV Adapter and compatible television. Estimates based on Sony engineering. Actual performance may vary Sony Vaio VPCZ22AGXB based on hardware configuration, software, power management settings, environmental conditions, wireless connectivity and other factors. Maximum battery capacity will normally decrease with time and use. Mobile Broadband service sold separately.

Core i7 iM Processor Speed: The clock rate typically refers to the frequency at which a chip like a central processing unit CPUone core Sony Vaio VPCZ22AGXB a multi-core processor, Sony Vaio VPCZ22AGXB running and is used as an indicator of the processors speed. It is measured in clock cycles per second or its equivalent, the SI unit hertz Hz.

The clock rate of the first generation of computers was measured in hertz or kilohertz kHzbut in the 21st century the speed of modern CPUs is commonly advertised in gigahertz GHz. This metric is most useful when comparing processors within the same family, holding constant Sony Vaio VPCZ22AGXB features that may impact performance. A multi-core processor is a single computing component with two or more independent actual processing units called "cores"which are the units that read and execute program instructions.

The instructions are ordinary CPU instructions such as add, move data, and Sony Vaio VPCZ22AGXB, but the multiple cores can run multiple instructions at the same time, increasing overall speed for programs amenable to parallel computing. Manufacturers typically integrate the cores onto a single integrated circuit die known as a chip multiprocessor or CMPor onto multiple dies in a single chip package. Dual-core 2 Core Cache: A CPU cache is a cache used by the central processing unit CPU of a computer to reduce the average time to access data from the main memory.

Sony VAIO VPCZ22AGX/B - laptop specifications.

The cache is a smaller, faster memory which stores copies of the Sony Vaio VPCZ22AGXB from frequently used main memory locations. Most CPUs have different independent caches, including instruction and data caches, where the data cache is usually organized as a hierarchy of more cache levels L1, L2, etc.

An operating system OS is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs. The operating system is a component of the system software in a computer system. Application programs usually require Sony Vaio VPCZ22AGXB operating system to function. Operating systems evolve over time, but that evolution is frequently in terms of their architecture: Many portable computers feature a backlit keyboard. : Sony VAIO VPCZ22AGX/B " LED Notebook - Intel Core i7 iM GHz - Black: Computers & Accessories.


Sony VAIO VPCZ22AGX/B laptops technical specifications database.

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