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It will help to warm them a little, but nothing close to boiling temperatures. Commercial printhead cleaner is sold in small bottles, often in the ink section of your office supply or computer store.

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Many of the online companies selling ink refill kits also sell this. Here's an example sold on Amazon: Procedure if your printhead is a user-replaceable part If the printhead is a user-replaceable part, the printer may even have been shipped with that as a component that you insert yourself during setup.

Insertion and removal is usually a simple operation; the printhead drops into the carriage and a lever holds it in place. In this case, cleaning is pretty simple. Remove the ink cartridges temporarily reseal the cartridge's air vent and ink outlet. Soak the printhead in ink solvent in a small container, nozzles down. It wouldn't hurt to elevate EPSON COLOR Copy Station 8500 printhead slightly so the nozzles aren't sealed against the bottom of the container. You don't need to submerge the entire assembly, but deep enough so that it will seep into the inside of the head EPSON COLOR Copy Station 8500 the ink feed cavity.

You can also add a small amount of solvent to the ink inlets where the ink tanks feed. Soak for 15 minutes to half an hour. If you happen to own an ultrasonic cleaner, even better; do this in it. Residual and redissolved ink may bleed into other color compartments, so: Set the printhead, nozzles down, EPSON COLOR Copy Station 8500 blotting material, like lint-free paper towels, and let it drain for about 5 minutes. Transfer it to a clean blotter and see if it's still draining.

Repeat until it stops draining. Let the printhead soak in another container with distilled water, isopropyl alcohol, or cleaner for about 10 minutes.

Repeat the blotting process, looking for ink. What the blotter absorbs should be either clear or the pure color of the color compartment it is supposed to be. If not, repeat the "rinse and blot cycles", adding a little of the clean solvent to the head's ink inlets to flush those compartments.

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Put the printhead back in the printer, put the cartridges back in, and run a nozzle check. Don't worry if colors initially look a little weak; that's just dilution from residual cleaner that will quickly clear up with a little printing. The important thing is that the nozzle print pattern is good. If that doesn't completely clear the clog, repeat the procedure and do the soak for longer. Procedure if your printhead is NOT a user-replaceable part If printhead removal is not a trivial process, EPSON COLOR Copy Station 8500 can accomplish the cleaning in the printer with a different procedure. I'll describe the steps here, but it's always clearer if you see it in action. I found a video from a printhead EPSON COLOR Copy Station 8500 manufacturer that demonstrates a slight variation of the procedure using tools they provide.

The video is pushing a particular commercial product. I've never used this one and can't comment on it, but use this basic procedure with that or another appropriate solvent: Remove the ink cartridges and temporarily reseal their air vent and ink outlet.

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Even though only one color EPSON COLOR Copy Station 8500 clogged on yours, it will be much easier to access things if you remove all of the cartridges. It's up to you whether you clean just the one color, or treat all of them while everything is open. There's a philosophy, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it. So I typically at least add a little solvent to the others. Shut off the printer and remove the power cord. This should let you slide the carriage.

Printer - How do I clean just one color of my inkjet printhead? - Super User

Move it to an accessible area. Fold some lint-free paper towels and slide them under the carriage to catch drips.

Now you have to get about 2 ml of the solvent into the inlet hole where the ink tank drains. Use an eyedropper or syringe a few drops at a time.

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Compared to epson it replaces, the pictures are subtly but definately improved. Simple duties like copies are also incredibly properly finished.

MS Kilroy Airport Way. Long Beach, CA Telephone: Trade Name: EPSON. Type of Product: Color Copy Station. Model. product documentation. EPSON AcuLaser Color Copy Station Setup Guide (this manual).


EPSON AcuLaser Color Copy Station Quick Reference.

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