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There are some unanswered questions about just how much extra value this upgradeability will add to the Alienware Area-51m. Advertisement But with the questions aside, the concept at least is appealing: One might call that obscenely overpriced. But the components are just a small part of this price puzzle. In Far Cry 5 at p, it did frames per second, while my desktop managed frames per second. When we first received the AreaM, one of the keys flew off within 10 minutes of turning it on. Normally, I'd just snap it back into place, but somehow the plastic spring mechanism underneath was completely shattered. This is the sort of thing Dell would fix under warranty if it happened to you, but it's still disheartening to see in Alienware Area-51m an expensive machine.

And for the record, it later sent us another unit to test. The trackpad, meanwhile, feels surprisingly cramped for a modern laptop.

We're used to ultrathin notebooks Alienware Area-51m us a ton of space to swipe around, but with the AreaM, my fingers always felt boxed in. Alienware also opted for an old-school two-button mechanism instead of letting you click into the trackpad. Using it made me feel like I was transported back in time.

Of course, gamers will be relying on mice most of the time, but it would have been nice to see Dell show some innovation with Alienware Area-51m design. The Aream continued to amaze on the Handbreak test, taking a mere 6 minutes to transcode a 4K video to p. It absolutely dusted the 9: Upgradability Alienware has taken one of Alienware Area-51m best things about a desktop and brought it to the laptop in grand fashion -- upgradability. It's not the first to let you get at a gaming laptop's interior, particularly the RAM and storage. Alienware has taken one of the best things about a desktop and brought it to the laptop in grand fashion -- upgradability.

And while most DIYers will have the ability to switch out the cards on their own. But for those who aren't so comfortable playing around in the guts of their system, Alienware is working on a solution to send a technician to your house to do the work Alienware Area-51m you. Stay tuned for more information.

Alienware Aream - Full Review and Benchmarks

Battery Life Even with an integrated graphics chip to fall back on, the Aream still has a power hungry desktop CPU to contend with. Unplug Alienware Area-51m baby at your own risk. The system only lasted 2 hours and 36 minutes on the Laptop Mag Battery Test, which consists of continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi at nits of brightness. It's shorter than the 3: Heat For such a large laptop, the Aream stayed pretty cool all things considered.

Alienware AreaM review: A gaming desktop stuffed inside a laptop

That's due to the company's Alienware Cryo-Tech v2. Towards the bottom of the laptop is a large cluster of honeycombs hiding several fire-resistant, liquid-crystal polymer high voltage fans. The fans bring in air through the bottom and expel the resulting hot air along the sides and the Alienware Area-51m of the notebook, away from where your hands usually reside. In addition to the fans, the Aream has a whopping 8 heat pipes and several copper fin stacks to assist with heat dissipation.


So I wasn't too surprised at the relatively cool temps after spending 15 minutes punching through the enemy line in Battlefield V. The touchpad Alienware Area-51m 84 degrees Fahrenheit while the center and undercarriage rose to and degrees, respectively. It's several degrees above our degree comfort threshold, but compared to other laptops in this weight class, it's downright chilly. And despite playing a fairly-taxing game, I could barely hear the fans.

Alienware Area-51m

After a Alienware Area-51m cooldown period, we reran our heat test, only this time with a minute HD video. This time when we measured the touchpad, middle and bottom hit temperatures of 84, 86 and 84 degrees. Webcam The Aream's integrated webcam takes decent shots and I'd use it for streaming if I couldn't find my external shooter. The p cam accurately captured the color of my light blue shirt and purple hair. Although there was some graininess, detail was sharp enough to see the individual locs in my braids. The aggregate hub has gotten a new look that's clean and easy to use. This is still where you come to trick out the lighted portions of the laptop as well as create macros.

This is now also the place where you'll launch your games, check system diagnostics, create power profiles, control fan speeds and even overclock the CPU and GPU. Tobii Eye Tracking Tobii has teamed with Alienware once again to bring its innovative eye tracking technology to gamers.


The 5th generation of the eye tracker is smaller than its predecessor, blending in nicely below the Alienware logo on the bottom bezel. Tobii setup is the same as before; you do some quick exercises so the tracker can properly calibrate your eye position and you're good to go. The tracker is represented by a translucent blob, but you can disable Alienware Area-51m if that's too distracting. Odyssey and Project Cars. And thanks to the stream overlay, fans of your livestream can follow your line of sight. Port options Alienware Area-51m three of the edges: Revolutionary inch gaming laptop with upgradeable and overclockable desktop Intel ® Core™ [i7/i9] processor, upgradeable GPU and.

Alienware's new Aream isn't just a high-end gaming laptop with lots of power (although it definitely is that). It's also a laptop that can be.

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