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Other features include a 3.

Canon XA20 Camcorder - Black eBay

The high image quality and recording versatility make the XA20 ideal for independent and documentary filmmaking, as well as event videography and educational institutions. In addition to reducing horizontal and vertical shaking, five-axis SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization eliminates rolling and other artifacts, for sharper images no matter how the camcorder is moved. A new automatic correction circuit can substantially reduce image distortion, thereby producing better-looking videos. A detachable handle offers increased control functionality, with a built-in microphone holder and XLR-format audio Canon XA20 Camcorder.

Infrared shooting with little to zero ambient light offers additional flexibility during, for example, surveillance and wildlife projects; the detachable handle also includes an IR light. And intelligent lithium batteries report remaining power and battery-wear levels in one-minute increments to the camcorder, thereby taking the guesswork out of battery management.


Out of focus areas are smoother, more natural and more appealing. An endless-type focus and zoom control includes user-programmable direction and sensitivity modes.

Zoom speed can be set to variable, constant with 16 levelsFast, Normal or Slow. Full HD x Recording Capabilities Multiple recording modes, resolutions and frame rates make the XA20 Professional Camcorder creatively flexible and adaptable to virtually any production environment. Native 24p Recording A must for serious filmmaking work, Native 24p matches the frame rate of a traditional film camera, giving the same cadence and temporal motion for "film-like" quality. Slow- and Fast-Motion Recording Slow and Fast Motion Modes allow the XA20 to record a different frame rate than the playback frame rate only in MP4 recording modesresulting in either a fast or slow motion effect during playback.

Since the camera is recording real frames and modifying the playback rate, there is Canon XA20 Camcorder no quality loss and maximum image quality is maintained.

The dual bands help ensure that data can be sent even in areas with increased signal Canon XA20 Camcorder. The ability to control the camera remotely, such as when using a Canon XA20 Camcorder crane, improves mobility in various shooting environments. Before uploading images, please be aware that image files may contain privacy related information such as people and places. If necessary, please delete such information. Canon does not obtain, collect or use such images or any information included in such images through this software.

Canon XA20 Camcorder - Black

The larger sensor area and 2. Both wide-angle and zoom shots deliver wide dynamic range and impressive tonal reproduction. In addition, the large size of the individual pixels enable a minimum subject illumination of 1.

The increased processing power also enables Dual Recording to two separate SD cards, expanding output options and allowing convenient data transfer even when out in the field. A wide-view angle over 80 degrees at all angles aids in composition versatility, and regular chromaticity adjustments, prompted by the camcorder, ensure correct brightness and faithful color reproduction. A joystick located to the right of the viewfinder, where the thumb rests, enables control of camera settings on the viewscreen without having to use touch panel controls. Double-slot SD Card recording for instant backup For safety and convenience, double-slot recording allows you to record simultaneously to each of the two SD memory card slots, providing an instant backup for your footage.

Relay Recording for continuous, long-run recording With Relay Recording, the XA20 automatically switches video recording from one SD memory card to the other when the first memory card Canon XA20 Camcorder full. The different image stabilization options can be selected manually, or Intelligent IS can use an automatic detection system to identify the proper stabilization mode for the situation.

Canon XA-20

Image distortion is substantially reduced, even when shooting while in motion. Full Manual Control Custom Key and Dial A Custom Key and Dial feature allows you to assign functions to an Canon XA20 Camcorder accessible key and adjust the settings with a control dial. Use the dial to adjust shutter speed Tv mode or aperture Av modeas needed. In this mode the key has no effect.


When manual control Canon XA20 Camcorder selected, the dial can adjust aperture, shutter speed, or gain. Select items to adjust, such as aperture or other settings, with the key. Composition Aids With the Level Marker feature, it's easy to keep the camcorder level for more accurate framing. The Grid Marker provides a reference grid in your viewfinder. Depending on the background color of your shot, you can choose between two different colors for better viewing contrast. Additionally, Auto Gain Control Limit allows you to set the maximum gain limit for the image sensor's sensitivity.

With this function, brightness and noise can be balanced as required, and image quality can be maximized in low-light situations.

Canon XA20 Price in India January 28,

Power Zoom Canon XA20 Camcorder zoom is available in Constant and Variable settings in 3 modes: To provide added control, there are 16 predefined steps in Constant mode. Ergonomic, Portable Design Weighing less than three pounds Canon XA20 Camcorder the detachable handle, battery and lens hood — and less than two pounds without — the XA20 is ideal for high-action shoots when both speed and mobility are essential, and where keeping a low profile is an added benefit.


Though small in size, this camcorder sacrifices nothing when it comes to professional functionality. It also has five Assign Buttons to help it fit to Canon XA20 Camcorder operational needs. The XA20 camcorder combines outstanding image quality with dual-format recording in a compact form factor, making it Canon XA20 Camcorder for all sorts of professional content. : Canon XA20 Professional Camcorder: Camera & Photo.

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