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Crockett, Landmark, and S. Configurations Tested e computer systems used in this study were clusters of Chelsio S320E-CXA Adapter Unified Wire nodes connected by a high-speed network or by Gigabit Ethernet. Servers with quadcore processors from both Intel and AMD were tested, as were servers with dual-core Intel processors.

Chelsio 10GB 2-Port PCI-e OPT Adapter Card 110-1088-30

HP does not currently manufacture servers with dual-core AMD processors, as these are no longer part of AMD s current processor product line. Both rack-mount and blade servers were tested. Rather than test every possible processor, a representative was chosen from each processor class, Chelsio S320E-CXA Adapter Unified Wire with the highest clock speed, but rather one with a reasonable price and power utilization relative to its performance. Network e Nexus reservoir simulator is a parallel application that uses HP-MPI to communicate between processes on multiple servers.

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Parallel runs of the Nexus simulator require the input model data to be decomposed into sub-domains. Most of the clusters we evaluated had 32 Chelsio S320E-CXA Adapter Unified Wire, meaning we used eight servers when testing dual-core processors, and four servers when testing quad-core processors. We performed some runs on clusters with 64 cores; these clusters had eight servers, each with two quad-core processors. Most Nexus data sets will be able to run on a similarly configured cluster with no swapping to disk. Landmark Nexus so ware enables fully implicit, fully coupled surface-to-subsurface simulation for a comprehensive look at an oil reservoir.

Comparing the performance of the Landmark Nexus reservoir simulator on HP servers - PDF

Furthermore, multiple reservoirs can be modeled simultaneously with a shared surface network, which is necessary to accurately model many of today s off-shore oil developments. Specific test configurations Servers with dual-core processors are annotated as 2p4c, signifying two processors with a total of four cores. Servers with quadcore processors are marked as 2p8c. Conditions in the reservoir were maintained such that no free gas was present in the reservoir throughout the entire run.

Some find that the solution with the shortest runtime is best. Others prefer a solution in which the ratio of run speed to system cost is maximized. Still others are most concerned with parallel scalability.

Since these are all valid ways to characterize the performance of a solution, all will be presented below, first in summary, then in detail. As newer servers become available, this report will be updated, but these fundamental methods of looking at the data will always apply. Breakthrough performance e Nexus simulator was designed with performance and parallel scalability as important features. Nexus models with a single reservoir and simple wells with a minimal surface network generally do not show as much performance improvement as models with multiple reservoirs Chelsio S320E-CXA Adapter Unified Wire more complex surface networks. However, even for simpler cases, such as the benchmark data chosen for this study, Nexus simulation so ware can provide a significant performance benefit.


Comparison of Landmark s two reservoir simulators, at various process counts Absolute performance comparison Looking at absolute performance is useful to those requiring best throughput. Price-Performance Ratio e price-performance ratio shows which solution delivers the best performance when scaled by the U. Scaling and network Here we compare the relative performance of multiple servers to a single server, to see the benefit of using the cluster for large parallel runs. Scalability is most important when the users workflow gives them the option of running multiple serial jobs, a smaller number of parallel jobs, or a Chelsio S320E-CXA Adapter Unified Wire. Better scalability improves the relative efficiency of including a higher fraction of parallel jobs in the workflow.

High-speed interconnects such as InfiniBand are recommended for optimal scalability when running Nexus so ware.


Benchmark Results and Discussion General overview ere is no performance difference between blade systems and rack-mount servers, if the internal components are identical. When an application is demanding on the memory subsystem, as Nexus so ware is, there is a benefit to the faster front-side bus. Multi-core processor suitability for Nexus simulation e benchmark runs presented here have been performed with all cores on the blades or servers in use, except for cases where the number of Nexus processes is less than the Chelsio S320E-CXA Adapter Unified Wire of cores available in a single node.

Runs using all cores in a node, however, also 3 6 Relative Performance must share access to memory across the cores. All the cores in a single processor share the same path to memory; a quad-core processor, having more cores, gives each core a smaller fraction of that path than a dual-core processor does. Because Nexus simulator performance is so dependent upon access to memory, as noted above, Chelsio S320E-CXA Adapter Unified Wire with the highest memory bandwidth per core perform best.


Chelsio's 10G/1G High Speed Legacy Adapters for TCP, RDMA(iWARP), iSCSI, FCoE offload. T4 Unified Wire Adapters. SE-LP-CR. SE-CXA. SUNNYVALE, CA, NOVEMBER 14, – Chelsio Communications, Inc., the Delivering the Unified Wire is a critical milestone in the mass adoption of The SE, SE, and SX Storage Accelerators are designed to replace Fibre.

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