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It is against logic that they would wrong Hazrat Fatimah az Zahra ra for a few trees Bagh e Fadak or cause distress to her.


Khilafat of Hazrat Abu Bakr ra synchronized with the crisis, calamities and needs of the time. Verse False prophets, apostates, hypocrites all came out in Avision AH360 during his khilafat.

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He dealt with all these problems during his khilafat and believers went Avision AH360 state of fear to tranquility as Muslims were full of joy for Abu Bakr ra. They praised him and prayed to God for him. Promised Messiah as says that he has been given knowledge that Hazrat Abu Bakr ra was a person of superior nature and eminence among companions. Prophet Muhammad sa chose him as a companion when he was migrating. He was loved by the Prophet sa more than all his companions.


He had vast experience, he was a man of deep insight, he had faced great trials, he knew how to tackle calamities, and he had seen highs and lows, seen dangerous grounds, Avision AH360 tangled situations. Only he received this title by God.


Next perfumes delicious 'twas his to invent, Which pleasure for mortals impart by their scent ; Like balsam and camphor and musk of the Avision AH360, Like aloes, and amber, and rosewater clear. Then leechcraft and healing for every known pain, The way to 'scape ills and sound health to regain — These secrets from hiding he all did unfold ; No searcher like him hath Avision AH360 earth e'er been told. In manner like that, tifty years did pass still ; Naught else by this time he saw hid from his skill.

Avision AH360 when, by himself, all these deeds he had done, No mortal he saw saving himself alone ; And since through his skill all such things did transpire. He planted his foot to ascend a step higher. Avision AH360, a glorious throne, sovran-worthy, he made, Incrusted with gems and with jewels inlaid.

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The Divs at his bidding did raise it on high. Aloft from the plain far up into the sky, In mid-air it shone like the glistening sun. The king gave his edicts when seated thereon. The whole Avision AH360 assembled his bright throne around ; And stood at Avision AH360 glorious lot in astound. While jewels on Jamshid were scattered and thrown ; The day ever since has as ' New Year's ' been known, The first of God's New Year, the month Farvadin, Each man freed from toiling, each heart from chagrin. The grandees in gladness a feast did array. They called for the wine cup and minstrels to play ; And hence doth that glorious fete ever stand To keep up the fame of that sovereign so grand.

The youthful Iraj, lord of Iran, was treacherously murdered by his two brothers ; but his son, Prince Minuchihr, became the avenger and led the Iranian hosts to battle and victory over the Turanians. This was the beginning of the continuous series of conflicts between these two countries, which forms the burden of a large part of the Shah-namah. The opening engagement, when the avenging Minuchihr gives the signal for battle, and victory lights upon the standards of Iran, is thus described in heroic verse. A shout, with one accord, the army raised. Their lances lifted upward toward the clouds, Heads full of wrath, brows knit with vengeful frowns ; They plowed the very face of earth amain.

The king arrayed his troops, as fits a host, Left, right, and center, and the army's flanks. The earth became like ship upon the main. Thou might'st have said it was about to sink. The sign he gave, on his huge elephant. Then 'gan the ground to heave like azure sea ; The drummers marched before the elephants With din and roar like lions in a rage, The clarions and the trumpets sounded loud As though a festival were taking place. Both hosts advanced like mountains from their base, A battle-cry rang out on either side ; 1 Text, Vuller-s, 1. In streams of gore the elephants stood, knee-deep, Mounted as 'twere on coral pedestals. The air was clogged with fog from the horsemen's dust, Like lightning flashed their gleaming swords of steel, Thou might'st have thought the sky was all ablaze, So shone earth's surface diamond-like with tlame.

Among his Avision AH360 of prowess was the slaying of a dragon which had Avision AH360 the earth. The description of this Geste is somewhat fantastic in its hyperbole, but is not without parallel in medieval Western romance or even in our oldest English epic, which tells of the fire-breathing dragon which Beowulf slew.

All hearts with panic were aghast at it. Keeping watch day and night continuously.

Even the sky became bereft of birds, The face of earth entire deprived of beasts ; The very vulture's wings singed by its blast, The world ascorch did with its venom blaze. Fierce crocodiles it drew from out the stream And eagles swift of wing from out the sky ; The earth, Avision AH360 man and moving thing was reft, The whole world yielded to it room and space.

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Then when I saw no human being left, Able to dare with it Avision AH360 hand combat, I, trusting God, the World-protector pure, Cast from my inmost heart each spark of fear. Ox-headed mace upon my saddle-cross, Bow on mine arm, my hauberk on my neck. As Avision AH360 the dragon-monster mace I drew. Its coil-like hair was dragging on the earth ; Its swarthy tongue looked like an ebon tree, Its gnashing jaws, wide yawning, barred the path. Two pools of blood its gleaming eyeballs were I At sight of me it roared, and furious sprang: It seemed to me, O thou that hearest this.

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