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The fuel properties of both fuels are fairly similar as may be noted from Table 3.

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The properties of both test fuels compare well with the arith- metic average of the Bureau of Mines Survey 42 and the arithmetic average of the samples included in the five region survey by the Energy Re- search and Development Administration ERDA listed in Table 4. Note that the Bureau of Mines fuel properties are not sales-weighted due to the unavailability of such information. Therefore, they must be used with caution if a true national average is to be obtained from the data. Btc DRW 1108UBDRW 1108UI fuel survey data for published in were used as the basis in searching for a "National Average" Btc DRW 1108UBDRW 1108UI.

The EMF fuel was adjusted to 0. The later batch, EMF, was adjusted to essentially the same level, 0.


One such contract was a five-fuel, two-engine HDD emissions characterization. At the request of the Project Officer, a leaded regular grade com- mercial gasoline of lead content of 1. A sample of one name brand taken on April 5, showed 2. This experience indicated that the only way Btc DRW 1108UBDRW 1108UI obtain the desired level of lead and octane was to obtain a special blended fuel from Howell Hydrocarbons, a local refiner-blender.

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The sulfur level in this fuel was adjusted to 0. This fuel was discussed in the previous subsection and its inspection data listed on Table 3. Table 3 also lists the gasoline inspection data for the fuel used with both gasoline-powered cars. EMF is a regular grade, commercially available Btc DRW 1108UBDRW 1108UI motor fuel which had its sulfur content increased to 0.


Lubricants Each heavy-duty engine was filled with crankcase oil that met the specifications of the engine manufacturer. All vehicle tests were run using the oil that was in the crankcase as received.

Full text of "Allgemeine Encytlopadie"

Heavy-Duty Engines The HDD engines were operated on eddy current type stationary engine dynamometers of kw hp capacity. This permitted acquisition of test data that may be related to the Federal Test Procedure Btc DRW 1108UBDRW 1108UI for heavy- duty Diesel engines by the raode test for gaseous emissions and the Federal smo!

This procedure is described in a later subsection. Each series of tests began with Btc DRW 1108UBDRW 1108UI running of several, replicate, mode EPA gaseous emission tests followed by several Federal smoke tests in the case of the Diesel engines. From this, the general performance of the engine could be assessed in terms of fuel consumption, air consumption and power output.

The next step in the series was to connect the exhaust to the dilution tunnel Btc DRW 1108UBDRW 1108UI a suitable muffler so that only a portion of the exhaust was diluted and the remainder vented. The dilution tunnel runs were based on the 11 different modes of the mode test and involved rep- licate runs for 47 mm fiberglass and Btc DRW 1108UBDRW 1108UI and x mm 8 x 10 inch size fiberglass filters. Sulfur dioxide, sulfate, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons PNAas well as particulate emission rates, were then determined. The engine exhaust was then connected to the SwRI odor sampling dilution system for odor panel rating.

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No odor mea- surements were taken with the gasoline engine since the odor panel was only trained to evaluate Diesel exhaust. The test Btc DRW 1108UBDRW 1108UI was somewhat abbreviated for the Caterpillarthe two Daimler-Benz engines, and the retesting of the Hack engine- The major emphasis for these experiments was on sulfates, particulates, smoke and regulated emissions and engine parameter effects.

Analysis Report

Light-Duty Vehicles The four cars were tested as a group in their as-received condition beginning Btc DRW 1108UBDRW 1108UI replicate cold start urban driving cycle tests in accord with the Federal Test Procedure FTPsulfate emission test SET by the congested freeway cycle, and then by the highway fuel economy test FET. The entire exhaust was then directed into a dilution tunnel and a third series of FTP, SET, and FET driving cycles performed to obtain emission rates of particulate and sulfate A fourth series of tests were then made to obtain larger particulate quanti- ties for indication of benzo a pyrene BaP.

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