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Well it turns out there are still people with massive libraries of VHS tapes who have neither the financial wherewithal nor the inclination to re-purchase this library on Blu-ray Discs or even DVD.

And some of these folks have purchased large screen HDTVs which only serve to magnify the flaws of the resolution-challenged VHS format. What if you could buy a player that not only makes the most out of new Blu-ray Discs with their lossless sound and p high definition picture, but it also actually performed advanced high definition upconversion on your old collection of VHS Panasonic DMP-BD70P Blu-ray Player so they look eminently watchable on Panasonic DMP-BD70P Blu-ray Player inch flat panel TV?

And it's important to note that this is in fact a player only. There is no recording function, neither on the Blu-ray deck nor on the VHS side.

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It also plays and upconverts to Panasonic DMP-BD70P Blu-ray Player regular or Panasonic DMP-BD70P Blu-ray Player DVDs, and it plays back standard music CDs as well. There are a couple of missed opportunities here however. Doing so would have made it a more flexible and more powerful media player. This is not an issue to those who buy store-bought VHS tapes, but it can be relevant for serious video hobbyists who may have a collection of home-made S-VHS tapes. For me, network set-up was also a breeze. You will need to plug a network cable into its RJ45 network port if you want to take advantage of fun stuff like YouTube, Picasa, Weather and Stock widgets, automatic firmware updates and BD-Live.

If you'd like to add WiFi capabilities, you can do so via a wireless bridge or wireless gaming adapter. See our forum article for some specific suggestions on adding WiFi to your Blu-ray Player. Connecting the BD70V to my review system did prove to be a bit problematic however.

Panasonic DMP-BD70V Blu-Ray Player eBay

So it's the combination of player and switch that seems to cause the problem. For the purposes of the review, I bypassed the switch and plugged directly into the receiver which worked fine. Without one, the BD-Live feature will not work.

It would be nice if the unit had at least one gigabyte of on-board storage like Samsung's BD-Por if Panasonic Panasonic DMP-BD70P Blu-ray Player include an SD card in the box as I'm sure more than one new Blu-ray owner has been disappointed when trying to use BD-Live only to learn that an additional purchase is required. YouTube content varied in quality but was generally pretty watchable, even in full screen mode. But this is more a limitation of the source material than anything else. Amazon's Video-on-Demand is expected later this Summer.


Panasonic reps tell us Amazon Movies on Demand will be available on the players later this Summer via a firmware upgrade. It's important to realize that the p upconversion process isn't going to magically turn your 4: The player will upconvert the VHS signal to p, but you'll still get grey or black bars on the right and left of your Panasonic DMP-BD70P Blu-ray Player.


Using the submenu button on the Panasonic DMP-BD70P Blu-ray Player remote, you can zoom in or stretch the image to fill the screen, but either way you will be missing part of the picture. If you happen to own any widescreen VHS tapes, you can zoom these in to fill the screen and this will not lose any picture information or distort the image, but the results are going to be pretty grainy and not too pretty as you're taking a very low resolution original signal and making it larger which only makes it look worse.

On regular full screen 4: I put on a Scooby Doo movie for the kids and noticed how color bleed was virtually non-existent, video noise was dramatically lower and black levels appeared richer than they ever had before. Again, this ain't Blu-ray, but it may be the best your VHS tapes Panasonic DMP-BD70P Blu-ray Player ever looked or will ever look. As for the sound, some older tapes did have mild tracking issues which caused a slight buzz in the audio but this varied from tape to tape.

Newer store-bought tapes suffered the least from this effect. It seems to be much more in line with the garden variety inexpensive VCRs that were sold toward the end of the format's lifespan. We did try a second sample of the BD70V after publishing this review and found that it was better at tracking old tapes than the original player so it's possible that there is some sample to sample variation here. Other tests such as the jaggies tests and video resolution loss test passed with nary a hiccup suggesting that the player has a Panasonic DMP-BD70P Blu-ray Player diagonal filter and is perfectly capable of de-interlacing the full resolution of p content when retrieved from a i Blu-ray Disc. Continuing on to the DVD version of the HQV test, the player continued its winning streak, with excellent reproduction of the jaggies tests both in the single rotating line and the three moving line segments tests.

On the film resolution loss test, the player locked to the underlying 3: This means the player works well with film-based 24 frames per second material on DVD.

Panasonic's DMP-BD70V puts Blu-ray, VHS playback in a single box - CNET

In a mixed cadence test with scrolling video titles over a film-based background, the player exhibited some tearing Panasonic DMP-BD70P Blu-ray Player the text for a split second then presented both vertical and horizontal text cleanly. Noise reduction tests on the BD70V were about average, but these tests are more relevant for a display than for a source component. Yes there are some DVD and Blu-ray transfers that benefit from noise reduction, but Panasonic DMP-BD70P Blu-ray Player reduction is far more relevant when working with analog and digital broadcasts, e.

You need to switch this on during playback using the "Display" menu. Welcome to the Real World Test patterns and cadence tests are all well and good, but where performance matters is on real world discs. And the performance from the test discs carried through to the player's behavior on actual Panasonic DMP-BD70P Blu-ray Player on DVD and Blu-ray Disc. Upconversion on Gladiator's Chapter 12 flyover sequence showed the diagonal roofing titles of these CGI-enhanced models very cleanly without any stair-stepping distortion.

Panasonic DMP-BD70V Blu-Ray Player

High quality DVD transfers such as Star Wars Episode 3 and The Fifth Element Superbit Edition captured excellent detail and decent color saturation, certainly about as good as can be expected from standard definition Panasonic DMP-BD70P Blu-ray Player. As expected, the player really shined on Blu-ray Discs. Nature's Most Amazing Events another i disc also looked wonderfully detailed on the player. From a Polar Bear's fresh meal a sealto a Narwhal's spiral tusk, to a Bald Eagle plucking a salmon out of a river, details and colors were rendered wonderfully on the BD70V. And on p Discs, the Panasonic DMP-BD70P Blu-ray Player is equally impressive. The player's integrated Uniphier video processor can even restore color detail lost in the Blu-ray mastering process, outputting enhanced 4:Find great deals for Panasonic DMP-BD70V Blu-Ray Player.

Shop with confidence on eBay! Obtain product support for Panasonic DMP-BD70VK Blu-ray Disc combo with VHSViera Cast PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus.

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