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However, this is a pure software function, i. By reading out the latched position value in the position register LP, this bit is automatically deleted. If the hardware and software position latch are used at the same time on one axis, conflicts may arise because the position register ADDI-DATA APCI-3600 is always used to read out the latch position.

On servo systems with incremental encoder interfaces, the hardware latch functionality must therefore always be used, because in this case, it is always active and cannot be deactivated Zero trace hardware latch strobe On servo systems with an incremental encoder interface, there is also an option of a zero-trace latch. Activating the zero-trace signal on the incremental encoder causes latching of the current counter state in the position ADDI-DATA APCI-3600 LPNDX see PM, Section. At the same time, the NDXL bit is set in the register of the digital inputs on each axis channel. This offers the user a multitude of operating types for controlling the APCI or APCI, including manual operation of the complete axis system.

With the help of function libraries, this application program is used to execute mcug3. The PC user program is responsible for the coordinated sequence of the individual axis systems in this operating type. ADDI-DATA APCI-3600


Commands are transferred using pre-defined commands. These in turn have been implemented as DLL functions for bit Windows. There is a source or header file and, if necessary, corresponding lib. From the user s perspective, the ADDI-DATA APCI-3600 functions merely represent a functional extension of the respective programming language. The actual intelligence of the functions is in the DLL driver or in the control ADDI-DATA APCI-3600.

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This means that the PC can handle other tasks. The syntax for this user program ADDI-DATA APCI-3600 similar to that for Pascal and permits simple and flexible program creation. Once the user program has been created, an Autocode file is generated using the NCC compiler, which is available both as a command line compiler [section 4.

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Here, it has to be made sure that for each control type the corresponding CNC file is compiled. ADDI-DATA APCI-3600 which is provided during compiling. This information is important for correct operation of the control system and for the creation of user programs. For a more detailed understanding of this, the most important software modules are explained in the following sections for interested users.

ELF file is required, i. This filter is modelled on the analog filter by processing at short, identical intervals. The control cycle time is set to 1. All actual value data that is required for the filter computation are also read in and ADDI-DATA APCI-3600 in this scan cycle. Setpoint values are then output on the corresponding setpoint value channels. The PIDF filter is used both for servo and stepper motors. That is, the respective control loop must also be closed before using the axes in stepper motors. Here, the position is controlled at the actual output step pulse. An external position feedback feature is not required Ramp and interpolation module The motors are brought to a desired target position using ramp functions with defined acceleration and predefined maximum velocity.

This task is handled by the ramp and interpolation module. This module is synchronised with the PIDF filter module and is also executed once per scan cycle 1.


Another function handled by this module is to synchronise several axes in order to enable a path or space curve to be processed in interpolated mode. For many years, selecting goods was almost always required for person ADDI-DATA APCI-3600 some sort of things or online shop, but over the internet goods buying is growing among buyers all around the world. Buying merchandise online has become a much easier than task than it was various ago. Thus, the boards are compatible in terms of the range of functions. Contact us to discuss this!


With the PCI Express boards you also benefit from the new technology we have used. You can step up the performance of your installation using this development. It stands for quality, reliability, long-term availability and service. ADDI-DATA provides solutions worldwide in numerous industrial areas like automotive and metal industry, engine building industry, tailor-made machinery, aircraft and chemicals industry, etc. The PCI ADDI-DATA APCI-3600 and vibration measurement board APCI has been especially developed for acoustic processes in test applications in the. PCI boards. ADDI-DATA offers a wide range ADDI-DATA APCI-3600 PCI boards especially designed for the reliable use in harsh industrial environments.

APCI 8 SE/diff.

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