Abstinence only sex education funding in Cambridgeshire

Abstinence education teaches children and adolescents to abstain from sexual activity, and that this is the only certain method of avoiding pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections STIs. Homepage of the study. The Christian Rightwho initially stood against having school-based sex education programs, began supporting abstinence-only programs due to the focus on marriage.

Current HIV Research.

abstinence only sex education funding in Cambridgeshire

Under the Obama Administration, abstinence only sex education funding in Cambridgeshire was a notable shift in abstinence education funding toward more evidence-based sex education initiatives. Chin, Helen B. A more recent review also suggests that these programs are ineffective in delaying sexual initiation and influencing other sexual activity.

According to Advocates for Youthabstinence-only sex education distorts information about contraceptives, including only revealing failure rates associated with their use, and ignoring discussion of their benefits. Early action from the Trump administration has signaled renewed support for abstinence-only programming.

Not only is information inadequate, but opponents believe that young people have the right to receive comprehensive information about how to protect themselves and their sexual health.

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Educational Theory. Washington Post. Sex and HIV Education. The Journal of adolescent health. Comprehensive Sex Education — Provides medically accurate age-appropriate information about abstinence, as well as safer sex practices including contraception and condoms as effective ways to reduce unintended pregnancy and STIs.

New York, NY: Routledge. While not all eight points must be emphasized equally, AOUM programs cannot violate the intent of the A-H definition and may not discuss safer-sex practices or contraception except to emphasize their failure rates. Sex Education.

Abstinence only sex education funding in Cambridgeshire

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