Castration as a punishment for repeat sex offenders in Long Beach

His requests have been rejected by two judges so far, but he is appealing. Laws on Castration. Harm from sex crimes stay with most victims for the rest of their lives - affecting their psyche, interpersonal relationships, physical being and usually their sex lives - and it's only understandable that those who are affected by such abuse want offenders to suffer the same way they did.

Treatment must continue after the offender is released and until he demonstrates to the court that treatment is no longer necessary.

castration as a punishment for repeat sex offenders in Long Beach

The DOC administers the treatment. The court order must specify the duration of treatment, up to life. Although the language of the statutes read as mandatory, the law is sometimes invoked.

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Press reports at the time suggested it was because a swordsman was not available. New Engl. The issue of castration has many layers in terms of its use punitively. If the injections do fade eventually and allow a male to regain normal testosterone levels, is chemical castration actually cruel and unusual punishment?

The nocturnal penile tumescence of convicted rapists and other prisoners. Results are reported of the most important empirical studies conducted in this field of sex research in Germany, Switzerland, Norway, and Denmark. Maybe, had this man been castrated, he would not have continued on to rape others.

  • Chemical castration should be given to child molesters to help control them from having urges to violate children and make them less likely to reoffend again. Can chemical castration really help to decline the way that children are violated?
  • Aug 5, 0 comments. However, it discusses the use of chemical castration as a form of sex offender management in Florida.
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The sentiment is that chemical castration is a violation of a sex offender's: right of equal protection and due process implied Fourteenth Amendment privacy right It is also considered cruel and unusual punishment under the Eighth Amendment, according to critics, who have questioned the effectiveness of the surgical and chemical castration.

MPA has been used on sex offenders for years as a way of reducing the chances of recidivism by diminishing the sexual urges of men who have long histories of committing sex crimes. The crimes that could subject parolees to chemical castration are: 1.

Others say Burrows could simply visit a pharmacy and buy hormone replacement medications that are used by men with low testosterone counts. Others have argued unsuccessfully that forced castration violates the protection against cruel and unusual punishment guaranteed by the Eighth Amendment to the U.

Castration as a punishment for repeat sex offenders in Long Beach

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