Dominant discourses of sexuality in Los Angeles

Sitting in class, I would find myself attracted to other girls. Juxtaposed with the image, her voiceover narration describes her experience with self-identifying as gay. Dalia identified wanting to know more, yet feeling unable to ask for and access necessary dominant discourses of sexuality in Los Angeles.

S Department of Health and Human Services, On the first day, she was a remarkably outspoken and active participant. Data gathered included: 1, pages of transcripts from the story circle, story drafts, final digital stories, story screening, and follow-up interviews; pages of field notes from each workshop and follow up interview; intertextual analyses Figures 1 — 3 of 29 digital stories; and participant responses to workshop evaluations and pre- post- and follow-up surveys about impacts on sexual attitudes, beliefs, and practices, social support and empowerment.

Although the original focus of this project developed from a community-based agenda to gain a deeper understanding of sexuality in reference to high rates of teen pregnancy and birth among Puerto Rican Latina youth, the DST process elicited the need for increased support and empowerment around sexual health for LGB-identified Puerto Rican Latinas.

Post edited by YoshoKatana on March For example, a church may provide a standard for prayer or preparing a funeral, while a health organization may provide standards for patient care and interaction. Kind of manipulative and ends up being a war of money see: elections.

The seat of sexual pleasure for women was located in the clitoris centuries before Masters and Johnson rediscovered the clitoral orgasm. To highlight variability cross-culturally I end with a brief discussion of the results of my ethnographic fieldwork among the Minangkabau of Indonesia.

Ошибаетесь. dominant discourses of sexuality in Los Angeles

During a debrief meeting with facilitators and researchers at the end of first day of the workshop, the lead facilitator mentioned that Monica had two possible stories she would like to tell: one about her experience of being bullied in school, and the other about coming out as gay.

This allowed us to begin developing a framework for being sensitive to future cases in the course of our ongoing work that may have otherwise escaped our attention. In our study site, sexual health education is not mandated, and decisions about curricular content are left to the discretion of local school boards who struggle with balancing limited resources Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, Back then, my mom would go out to dinner with my sister and her girlfriend.

External link. Our prioritization of a participatory, visual method such as digital storytelling enhances current approaches to the CCA, which primarily rely on the use of textual narrative processes.

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  • Dominant discourse is a way of speaking or behaving on any given topic — it is the language and actions that appear most prevalently within a given society.
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Black Women, Gender and Families. Our findings highlight multiple contingencies that shape how Puerto Rican Latina youth negotiate the disclosure of alternative sexual identities, both at the social with peers and family and institutional bullying and the limited nature of sexual health education in the school and public health setting levels.

Health Promotion Practice. National University of Singapore; Singapore:

Dominant discourses of sexuality in Los Angeles

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