Evidence for sex chromosome evolution fresh in Salt Lake City

Neo-sex chromosomes and adaptive potential in tortricid pests. Electrophoresis 16 : — Shinomiya, M. H amaguchi and M.

The trees were inferred in MEGA6 [ 89 ]. Polymerase chain reaction PCR products were electrophoresed on polyacrylamide gels as described by K imura et al. However, the differences in the number and location of H3 histone genes in L.

Давно evidence for sex chromosome evolution fresh in Salt Lake City

Edited by Zhang ZQ. Syst Biol. Two genes, b and eyeless F ukamachi et al. Principles of the highly ordered arrangement of metaphase I bivalents in spermatocytes of Agrodiaetus Insecta, Lepidoptera. Q Rev Biol. The average size of nuclei was calculated for each species independently and then compared between species by one-way ANOVA using the software Statistica for Windows, version 8.

  • There is tremendous sexual dimorphism in human genetic disease susceptibility, progression, and drug response.
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Previous studies showed both inter- and intraspecific variation in chromosome numbers in all three studied species. Heredity 95 : — The sex chromatin consists of multiple copies of the W chromosome, which usually form one conspicuous heterochromatin body in somatic interphase nuclei of lepidopteran females [ 44 ].

About this article. Genetics 6 : — Arrowheads mark male-specific bands.

Evidence for sex chromosome evolution fresh in Salt Lake City

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