Temperature dependent sex determination in reptiles vs amphibians in Palmerston

Smithsonian Institute, Washington. Rovatsos, M. Gemmell View author publications. Over the next two decades, scientists worked to test mechanisms of sex differentiation in more species and to pinpoint pivotal temperatures, which are species-specific temperature ranges in which males and females are produced in equal number.

First glimpses into the ecology of the red-faced turtle, Emydura victoriae, in tropical Australia. Trends Genet. Turtle species that display TSD are thought to follow one of two patterns of temperature dependence.

Issue 4, Augustpp Estrogen can override temperature and induce ovarian differentiation even at masculinizing temperatures. Thank you for visiting nature.

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Water balance and energy metabolism of the eastern long-necked turtle Chelodina longicollis during terrestrial migration and aestivation. Welsh, M. Comparisons of oxygen consumption and developmental rates in the eggs of Chelodina rugosa and Chelodina longicollis.

Non-homologous sex chromosomes in two geckos Gekkonidae: Gekkota with female heterogamety.

  • Skip navigation. The sex of a reptile embryo partly results from the production of sex hormones during development, and one such process to produce those hormones depends on temperature of the embryo's environment.
  • Skip navigation. Their results showed that temperature-dependent sex determination TSD evolved in this species as an adaptation to fluctuating environmental temperatures.
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Systematic Biology At temperatures in between, the broods will give rise to individuals of both sexes. The Journal of Experimental Zoology.

Temperature dependent sex determination in reptiles vs amphibians in Palmerston

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