Tool prison sex lyrics meaning in Broken Hill

Some of their other songs also explore the topic to a degree. Fact: the song is about Maynard's experiance of sexual abuse as a child. There are also some religious references, like the lamb and martyr.

tool prison sex lyrics meaning in Broken Hill

That's certainly an interesting take on the song. In that time and culture babies that were thought to be unhealthy or weak were set upon a mountain side to starve to death or succumb to the elements. I've got to end this the only way I think I can. I've read most of the site now and all of my other favorite songs Forty-six and 2, Vicarious, The Pot have just reams of animated if perverse and off-subject dicussion I do have to admit that I am partially empathetic.

Tool prison sex lyrics meaning in Broken Hill can understand people without agreeing with what they have done.

Tool prison sex lyrics meaning in Broken Hill забавный вопрос

Sadly, in this case, he fails, and we are left to wonder if the cycle will ever be broken. More Tool Lyrics. This would explain the i have found some kind of temporary sanity line, and i've come round full circle line, and the repeated precious lines, each precious line symbolic of another passed cycle.

Lastly, this is just a personal note that i believe in. Sodomy is just the medium. I like how people are drawing different interpretations and they all make sense to some degree. Religion as a twisted and perverse activity, and the endless circle of progression.

Tool prison sex lyrics meaning in Broken Hill

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  • (quoted from tool's official site's lyrics) I think it's more about victims turning around and victimizing others. At first they are violated, but with time they "come around" to their predator's ways, and violate others themselves. This is not confined to sexual predation or just to prison.4/5(10). Jun 11,  · Tool’s “Prison Sex” Lyrics Meaning. by SMF · Published June 11, · Updated June 11, Tool’s “Prison Sex” is one of those songs in which a legendary rock band, as they tend to do from time-to-time, confronts a disturbing yet real-life issue dead on. .
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  • It took so long to remember just what happened. I was so young and vestal then. You know it hurt me. But I'm breathing so I guess I'm still alive. Even if signs. What does Tool's song Prison Sex mean? We have the answer.
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